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Hair Kiss

Hair and scalp care is extremely important for maintaining healthy and shiny hair and a clean scalp. We have therefore included shampoos in our collection of hair care products, which are very effective in reducing and eliminating annoying hair and scalp problems.

Summer Kissed

A unique formula that allows quick and even tanning. The line is designed for one purpose – to give the appearance of naturally tanned skin – anywhere and anytime.

Summer scent

Glamoric self-tanning products are gentle and hydrate the skin. They stand out with a unique feature: they do not have an unpleasant odor like most self-tanning products.


Satisfied users

Finally, finally something that works… after 4834 different tried masks, treatments, shampoos, my colleague recommends this … top quality. It is known to be organic and not violent for hair… worth every €.
– Blondie

Since I first used this mask I don’t need anything else. It’s a fantastic mask. My hair is very grateful to her.
– Tiana

Bought for a daughter who has problems with knotted hair..Top matters..that I have to thank 🙂
– Lorena L

For a long time I was looking for a shampoo that would help my hair as I dye them often but I don’t care for them too much and the SOS shampoo fixed them.
– Barbara

I am very pleased! Fast delivery, easy purchase and help in choosing the right products!
– Tatjana

Insanely good hair mask. With a sauce shampoo, however, they are the perfect pair. My hair is beautiful !!!
– Dijana


Tired hair

Summer glow in the winter

Organic Hair Care


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