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Hair care

Hair Kiss

Organic hair care

Natural, efficient, sustainable – all in one.
Why settle for less?

Sulfate-free shampoo

SOS shampoo is created especially for the restoration of damaged and colored hair and strengthens them with the help of natural ingredients to prevent breakage. It is excellent in combination with Glamoric hair mask.

Anti-dandruff shampoo

Balance shampoo is primarily intended for cleansing
oily and sensitive scalp and works against dandruff. The hair will be lighter and lighter after use.

Hair care

Hair and scalp care is extremely important for maintaining healthy and shiny hair and a clean scalp. We have therefore included shampoos in our collection of hair care products, which are very effective in reducing and eliminating annoying hair and scalp problems.

Hydro Mask

Hydro Mask is an intensive hydrating hair mask that leaves visible changes after just one use. Hair care often requires a long and financially substantial bite, which is why we decided to include in one product all those ingredients that have been proven to work in hair regeneration, treatment of damaged ends and creating protection against external factors.

Key ingredients

The use of an organic product made and saffron, mint and spirulina is therefore a quick and extremely effective way to restore shine and a healthy hair look to just about anyone, regardless of the current condition of the hair. All natural ingredients also help with hair loss and dandruff removal.

Cruelty Free. Vegan friendly.

Paraben free.

Skin friendly. Sulfates free.

Tired hair

Organic hair care


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